The Unstoppable Cs

Our adventures using 21st century technology


  1. Such a great variety of avatar sites used. Well done, Unstoppable C’s!!

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  3. Hi Everyone

    that avatar slideshow was pretty cool, Mr.Lamb is everyones avatar on that slideshow?

    • Hi Edina,

      I only put the avatars that I had in the slide show. When everyone else finishes we can add the rest 🙂

      Cheers Mr. L

  4. Hey Everyone

    I think the slide show is really good too. I enjoyed looking through every character and i was trying to work out who made which one. Do you think we could somehow put names underneath their character so we know who made what?

    From Jacinda

  5. Hi Mr Lamb

    That would be great! Then we know who made which character! 🙂

    From Jacinda

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