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May 14, 2010
by ashleigh00

Table Ticks

Hello! This is my first blog post and it’s all about my class table ticks. We have a table tick chart so we can keep tally of the amount of ticks each table has.  There are 7 tables and every one in the class belongs to one of them.  The names are Emo Kids, Halo Legends, 007 Gang♦, Dunno, G-Force,  Area 51 and The Purple Party Pandas!  We take off all of the ticks off at the end of the week to find out which table has the most and they get to choose a prize like having half an hour on the computer or $5 on ice -creams on Wednesday Lunchtime. We get the ticks by following the School Goals. That’s the end of my blog post.  Bye!  From ashleigh00.

April 30, 2010
by jacob000

Our School Goals

Last year I was involved in making the new school goals, Mrs R help us on the way and we asked other class what they thought about them and we came up with these.

We’re safe

We’re fair

We’re respectful too

We try our best

In all we do

These are the goals that we use to encourage young and old students today. They have become a big part of our school this year and will hopefully be used for years to come.

yours truly Jacob.

April 30, 2010
by gabi

My Post

Hi my name is Gabby this is my first post and my post.  My post is about my school’s goals.

Our goals are:

Were safe

Were fair

Were respectfull to

We try our best in all we do!

The five school goals meanings are: Were safe: walk around the school, no pushing or hurting people. Where fair: sharing and no excluding. Where respectfull to: be polite, don’t treat others differently ’cause their skin colour is different. We try our best in all we do: always put 100% effort into your work.

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